Who We Help

Who We Help!

Financial assistance from Taraboom and with CCCC is intended for families who are going through a difficult financial time and need help to keep going forward without worrying about some of their monetary commitments when all attentions are on their child and/or parents have left their employment temporarily to tend to family.

We have designed our application process to be as undemanding as possible yet gain the information required to make an accurate and informed decision for families in difficult times.

Applications are available once you have met the initial criteria as to who/where we can help. 

In order to be eligible for assistance, the following initial criteria MUST be met:


  • the child must be 17 years of age or younger

  • the child must be a resident of South Western Ontario within the assistance area as defined

  • the child suffers from a life threatening illness

  • the family must demonstrate that the child’s illness has placed them in financial hardship


Note: any link shared here will redirect you to the Taraboom website for more detailed information. 

The process is pretty basic, but it does require a little time and energy.

The Taraboom Board reviews all letters received to determine initial eligibility for assistance. If your letter has met all criteria and board approval, you will be contacted by someone from Taraboom or CCCC who has been assigned to work one on one with your family. Your contact will be in touch to arrange a convenient time to meet and move your  family quickly onto the application.

If the Board of Taraboom determines that the family meets the initial eligibility for assistance, a more detailed application is then sent to the family for completion, which permits Taraboom & CCCC to review in more detail, the family's circumstances and authorizes Taraboom & CCCC to speak with medical care providers and make financial inquiries as necessary. The application must be completed in full and signed by the child's parents/legal guardian.