How We Help

CCCC & Taraboom

We work hand in hand with Tara "Boom" Houston Children's Foundation. We call them the "mother-ship". All initial contact or request for financial assistance needs to head their way for the initial assessment by their family coordinator and then if all in order we will start the ball rolling with families in the Grey Bruce Area that need support. 

Please note, and we know this too well.... we all want to help but Taraboom does need to hear from the family requesting assistance. Love the Aunts, Grandmas, Uncles, Sisters, Cousins... you catch our drift right, but they do need to hear from Mom & Dad. 

Sooooo..... need to head over to the Taraboom website for more detailed in information and follow the steps to contact. If you have any questions we are right here and we are local so able to help where needed.

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